100% Belgian Brand

A Belgian brand created in 1993, E(x)it offers a range of trendy and casual shoes and has nothing to envy the great international shoe designers.

Using the best leather, even for the linings, E(x)it shoes offer above all a 100% handcrafted production made in Italy, Spain, or Portugal according to the models designed in the Brussels company's offices.

From the design to the manufacture of the shoes, E(x)it's stylists compete in creativity to offer you ballerinas, derby shoes, trainers, pumps, boots, moccasins, and other boots that are sure to perfect your outfit and allow you to stand out from the crowd.

Success story

A trendy Belgian brand, that combines comfort and quality at an affordable price. This was the mission that Didier Bossuyt set himself in 1993 after having made his mark in Italy and Taiwan.

E(x)it was born.

"I got lost one day in Bangkok in a huge Department Store, nobody spoke English and I couldn't read the information on the nameplates. Suddenly I saw an exit sign. It was a flash, I had found my brand name, a universal term, it was perfect."

Didier Bossuyt